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Student Eligibility Requirements

Students 18 years of age or older, who are no longer enrolled in K-12 education, may enroll in a WRU Literacy Provider program. Students who were enrolled within the current school year must provide a copy of the drop slip for the last school attended.

Students who are 16 and 17 years of age may request a waiver to exit school from their last school of attendance to enter adult education. This waiver must be submitted with proper documentation. A listing of the necessary items to be included in the documentation are listed below:  

  • Completed age waiver request to exit school (we will provide if the student qualifies)
  • Documentation of the need for the waiver based on one of the categories listed below:
    • Pregnant or actively parenting
    • Incarcerated or adjudicated
    • Institutionalized or living in a residential facility
    • Chronic physical or mental illness
    • Family and/or economic hardships - Family and/or economic hardship is defined as a student who acts as a caregiver or must work to support the family due to a parent's death or illness, or needs to be removed from an existing home environment
  • Once the completed request and proper documentation is received, it will be reviewed by the appropriate authority:
    • For homeschool and public school students, the request will be reviewed and ruled upon by the local school system Superintendent or designee
    • For students enrolled in a formal education setting other than a public K-12 institution, the request will be reviewed and ruled upon by the institutional agency head or his/her designee
  • Once approved, a copy of the age waiver must be provided to the WorkReady U - Adult Education program before the student may enter an adult education program.
  • Exceptions to the 16 and 17 year old age waiver:
    • Students in the Louisiana National Guard Youth Challenge Program (YCP) must present a copy of the graduation certificate/letter verifying participation in YCP or if recently dismissed from the program must present a copy of the letter of dismissal
    • Married 16 and 17 year olds must submit a copy of their marriage licenses
    • Emancipated 16 & 17 year olds must submit a copy of their emancipation documents
    • Students who have graduated from a K-12 program must present a copy of their diploma


If you believe your child meets these requirements, please call 985.876.3180 and schedule a meeting with us.